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Mon – Fri: 9:30am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
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Skin Therapy:


Diabetes Management

Diabetes ManagementOur in store pharmacist Shahab is certified in diabetes management and runs our diabetes clinic where you can learn to manage your condition including blood sugar testing, medication management, preventing low blood sugar, foot care, eating well, getting enough physical activity and more. Our clinic is a one-on-one hour-long appointment. Services are available in both English and Farsi.

To make an appointment with Remedy’s Rx Bellevue diabetes clinic, please contact us

Diabetic Foot Care

Daily foot care is essential to the self-management of diabetes, and our diabetic management clinic can recommend products and techniques to prevent and treat infections.

The major goal of current diabetic foot care is prevention. Preventive strategies include a collaboration of patient education; prophylactic skin, foot, and nail care; and stressing the importance of protective footwear.

Our diabetic management clinic aims to educate clients with diabetes on the importance of routine foot care and screenings. These can prevent complications such as foot ulcers, which if left untreated can ultimately lead to very serious complications for the client.

Please use our online form to set up a clinic appointment with our diabetes foot management specialist who can advise on routine foot care. (link to form)

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